Portsmouth Singing Lessons

Portsmouth Singing Lessons

Learning to sing is an amazingly liberating experience, giving you confidence not only to sing but give fantastic public speaking and theatre performances, as well building inner confidence that will shine through in many areas of your life. That, however, doesn't mean that the road isn't hard - indeed, one of the biggest challenges is picking up the phone to book your first vocal lesson. Thankfully though you have absolutely nothing to worry about, great teachers have a way of helping their students relax in their first lesson so that they can focus on improving their vocal ability. Indeed, in our first lesson we will start by talking about the styles of music, and the singers, that you are passionate about and love listing to. It is around these artists that I will built a course of tailored made lessons to help you reach your full vocal potentical.

I cover a huge range of different musical styles, enabling you to dip into an array of exciting techniques, alternative ways of approaching a piece of music and of course the literal performance of that song. My lessons are also strongly rooted in learning the basic techniques of singing, making sure that my pupils have a good ground knowledge and are able to understand the physical mechanisms of the voice. For more information about my lessons simply get in touch - it would be a pleasure to help you reach your singing goals.

Beginners to Advanced Students

I teach students from absolutely beginners upwards, helping my pupils develop their confidence, ability and vocal strength through carefully tailored music lessons. This enables my students to unlock their full vocal potentical, allowing them perform, undertake successful auditions or simply feel confident about their singing!

I would be more than happy to help you to develop your vocal ability, using the music that you are passionate about and combining that with exercises and warm ups that I have learned and developed over the many years I have been teaching to help you reach you aims.

To book your first lesson, or for more information call me on 03458 690679 or get in touch via the contact page!

Charlotte is a wonderful teacher, who helped me gain huge amounts of confidence and help realise my potential. She's full of advice and has one of the best voices ever! I definitely chose my career path after being taught by Charlotte. I'd recommend her to anyone wanting vocal or performance coaching. - Lily French