Here are my singing lesson prices:

HALF HOUR - £17.50


I would recommend taking a 3/4 hours lesson each week, or every other week, as suits you around your busy schedule. After many years of teaching I know that students that commit to a regular slot are the ones that really progress, after all singing is about training the muscles in your voice - much as you wouldn't expect to get fit having a jog once a month, making sure you undertake regular vocal exercise is critical to unlocking the key to your vocal ability. I teach many younger students as well and would recommend at 1/2 hour lesson each week for these students. Get in touch for more information!

Beginners to Advanced Students

I teach students from absolutely beginners upwards, helping my pupils develop their confidence, ability and vocal strength through carefully tailored music lessons. This enables my students to unlock their full vocal potentical, allowing them perform, undertake successful auditions or simply feel confident about their singing!

I would be more than happy to help you to develop your vocal ability, using the music that you are passionate about and combining that with exercises and warm ups that I have learned and developed over the many years I have been teaching to help you reach you aims.

To book your first lesson, or for more information call me on 03458 690679 or get in touch via the contact page!

Charlotte is a wonderful teacher, who helped me gain huge amounts of confidence and help realise my potential. She's full of advice and has one of the best voices ever! I definitely chose my career path after being taught by Charlotte. I'd recommend her to anyone wanting vocal or performance coaching. - Lily French